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3 Steps to Tastier Chocolate Chip Cookies

So, chocolate chip cookies are inherently tasty. Chocolate chips, sugar, butter... yum. However, I recently tried the recipe for leite's consumate chocolate chip cookie on smitten kitchen, and discovered a few tips that kicked the cookies up a level of tastiness:

1. Let the cookie sit for 24 to 36 hours; some sort of alchemy occurs during that time, and the cookies turn out a little crispier, a little more toffee-like, and a lot more delicious.
2. Sprinkle a little coarse salt on top of the cookies directly before you bake 'em; this makes a nice combination of sweet and savory.
3. I found this tip somewhere else, but when I baked these cookies, I put an empty Pyrex dish on the bottom rack to block some of the heat. Things tend to burn on the bottom in my oven here in LA, and this solved the problem.

A note about the recipe itself: I used all-purpose flour instead of a combination of bread and cake flour, and it worked just fine.

Speaking of deliciousness, I made these cinnamon swirl buns while I was at home, and there's not much to say except that they were amazing.