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Pizza Pizza

Today, in an effort to use up the hunk of mozzerella and open can of tomato sauce in the fridge, I made more pizza. This time I used smitten kitchen's recipe for really simple homemade pizza, but doubled the recipe to make 2 pizzas, and only used 3/4 of the salt. This time, Kacey threw the dough around to make it more awesome. Thanks, Kacey!

The toppings were as follows:

Pizza One: chicken apple sausage with canned pineapple (Molly's suggestion)
Pizza Two: tomato and caramelized onion

Sadly, I was a doofus and dropped Pizza Two, so we didn't get to eat that one, but Pizza One was totally delicious. I feel pretty comfortable making basic pizza now, and I look forward to making some more unusual kinds. Gina suggested trying to make a BBQ chicken pizza or a cobbler-like thing with baked fruit, Kacey had ambitions to make a carne asada pizza, I want to try making something with whole wheat dough... what do you think, Livejournal friends?