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Desparate Desserts Part II

Last night I made peaches and dumplings, based on smitten kitchen's post about strawberries and dumplings. I used two peaches instead of the quart of strawberries, disregarded the lemon, used brown sugar instead of regular granulated sugar, and used 1% milk instead of whole. I imagine this could be made without butter, as well. I also halved the recipe, and it made enough dumplings for about two people.

This recipe is even better than that chocolate cookie recipe I shared a bit ago, because it takes even less ingredients. What do you do if you need to whip up a dessert (like I did last night), but only have a bit of fruit, and no eggs and very little butter left? You can't make cookies, but you can make fruit n' dumplings.

And now, allow me to share with you one of the truly strange videos that YouTube has to offer: Seth Meyers and Martha Stewart making a rasberry-rhubarb grunt.